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Our Employees Have Recycled
303,529 pounds of electronic waste in 2018

Our Mission

GreenVision Inc.® is dedicated to providing students and adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to work and to earn. Reverse Supply Chain with a focus on electronics recycling provides both a laboratory for the clientele and provides funds to help support the programs.

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Meet Our Board and Staff

Tim Butler, President
Tim has worked in the field of autism since 1999. After classroom teaching and starting three successful vocational programs, he founded Green Vision in 2005.  Tim felt that once these students graduated there wasn’t enough meaningful employment for them…..

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Pioneer In The Field

More than ten years ago, Green Vision began as a vocational program in an academic setting. The enterprise has expanded into its own building and now has multiple training locations in New Jersey.  Randolph NJ hosts the premiere adult employment center.

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