Our Mission

Green Vision’s mission is to give those with developmental disabilities, such as autistic spectrum disorders, the opportunity to work and earn in real life job situations.  A common feature of autism is the love of repetitive tasks coupled with a low stress environment. Green Vision’s short work sessions and highly supervised setting provides for the client-worker’s needs. The testing, sorting, and grading of returned products are labor-intensive and time consuming tasks when done with manual labor.

Net profits from the sale of scrap are used to pay clients for their accomplishments and to undergird the operation so that GVI does not have to charge parents/caregivers more than the state provides for day-programing and supported employment.  It is a key part of the GVI mission to provide opportunities for employment and personal development that to the broadest possible range of family income levels.

Reverse Supply Chain with a focus on electronics recycling was chosen as the learning laboratory. Students and adults work at GVI locations dismantling electronics, in compliance with state and federal regulation.  Electronic waste (e-waste) cannot be disposed in a landfill.  At the same time, e-waste has significant scrap value when properly dissembled.

The conversion of trash to treasure by local residents with otherwise narrow job prospects provides three positive outcomes: (1) it generates income, pride and transferable skills, (2) it increases the efficacy of state funds used to support autistic adults, and (3) it slows the rate of landfill growth and prevents toxins from leaching into groundwater by diverting waste that might be illegally landfilled.  Green Vision’s business is the triple bottom line: social equity with economic and environmental benefit.

Green Vision works support coordinators in Morris, Sussex, Hunterdon, Passaic, Essex, Somerset, Middlesex and Warren counties to determine if our program is a good match for a client’s needs.


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