Green Vision Inc. is a nationally recognized 501(c)(3) tax exempt program that teaches adolescent students and adults with autism how to properly dismantle and recycle unwanted electronics. Each year Americans discard over 400 million units of e-waste. Less than 12% is being recycled. Green Vision challenges students with tasks that allow them to use problem solving skills while dismantling a wide variety of devices. As the e-waste is being taken apart, our students sort the materials so that they can be recycled. Green Vision is 99.7% landfill free, and all of our recyclable materials go to federally licensed facilities. Not only is Green Vision providing a service to our students by giving them meaningful job skill training, but we are also providing an environmentally sound “green” solution to the local community.

For information on the schools licensed to provide the Green Vision training program, visit our contact page.

GVI’s primary goal is to see members of the ASD community into full participation in the private sector. Training includes use of hand tools, power tools and basic business conduct. Identification of components and their value are part of on-the-job training. As these cognitive skills develop, so do personal motivation, team spirit and sociability.   Community pride is stimulated by the participation of interns, parents, trainees from other sites and benefactors.

In addition to training, GVI provides supported employment for disabled adults.

    • On average, a Green Vision client works a 5 hour and 20 min day, three days/week.
    • Some clients work 5 days/week, some work 1,2,3 or 4 days/week.
    • The longest day worked is 6 hours including a 45 minute lunch break.
    • The shortest work day is 3 hours.Vanilla Hannah and CJ (2)
    • While most of the participants are men, GVI also employs women clients.  We actively encourage girls and women to apply.
    • We hire staff who are trained to handle ADS clients; most have significant experience in the field.  GVI supports their credential maintenance. Most, but not all staff and interns, are men.

Vanilla - staff (2)The staff models work ethic for clients.

      • We expect every employee to get to know the particular needs of participants and to maintain a caring environment.

As much as our clients enjoy the work setting and the tasks, nothing beats the paycheck for pride and sense of ownership. Once an appropriate skill level is achieved, client-workers receive piece-rate pay. GVI strives to move to hourly rate at minimum wage where/when appropriate.

Vanilla Intern


Intern, Layston, with client  ->

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