Services Offered

Green Vision Inc. is a full service electronics dismantler and offers data destruction and hazardous waste disposal services.

Example items we accept as a donation (free) weekdays between 9AM -4PM are listed below.

  • Computers
  • Computer Accessories: (Mouse, Keyboards, Speakers, Misc. Wires and Cords)
  • Copy Machines
  • Fax Machines, Scanners
  • AV Components: (VCR, DVD, CD, Cassette, Record, 8-Track Players) and Radios
  • Phones – especially cell phones
  • Small Kitchen Appliances: (Toasters, Microwaves, Coffee Makers, Can Openers, Blenders, etc.)
  • Vacuums: (with dust bags out or cans emptied)
  • LCD Monitors
  • Copper piping, brass fixtures and other valuable metals

Services provided at the Randolph location; Fees are charged:

  • Certified Data Destruction – GVI uses an OnTrack degaussing machine plus physical destruction and provides certificate(s) of data destruction.
  • Items Containing Freon – environmentally responsible Freon removal involves specialized equipment, which GVI owns and maintains.
  • CRT Monitors – proper disposal involves hazardous Waste Recycling charges.
  • Pickup in certain casesIcaras board 2

Please contact us for details and with any questions about donations.

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