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Electronic scrap prices are very low and we compete with for-profit operations that automate dismantling, sorting and grading scrap.  Even assuming scrap prices rise, sales will never amount to more than a fraction of the cost of our programs.  We remain a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit operation dedicated to providing supported employment and other services to autistic adults and students.  Your tax-deductible* donation goes toward to client pay and training.

Ways to Donate:

1) Direct Giving through PayPal

 Thank you for your financial assistance.

2) Organizing an Electronic Waste Collection Drive

Community groups, scout troops, religious youth groups, school clubs and others are encouraged to donate used equipment to our Randolph NJ location.  Know that your group will be supporting responsible recycling, disposal of toxics and collection of greenhouse gases (Freon) using a workforce with limited employment options.  To add an educational component to your drive we can help you with resources.  You are also welcome to call the main office to discuss at 973.998.7955.

Donations are accepted weekdays 9-4 at our Headquarters location in Randolph.  Our staff and clients will assist with unloading.  For examples of what we accept, click here.  The most valuable donations are laptops, servers, cell phones and other items with more circuitry and less plastic.  We can also accept electrical cords, Christmas lights, telephone wire/cords, etc. Items that don’t require any preparation to recycle such as printer ink cartridges, copper tubing and brass fixtures are also of value.

Other locations which accept electronic waste donations are located in counties throughout New Jerseyschool program licensees

3) Portion of Sales

Giving Works by eBay™ (TBD)

Amazon Smile – When you shop at smile.amazon.com and choose Green Vision Inc. as your charity, Amazon will donate 0.5% of purchases at no cost to you.

4) Donate Your Vehicle

Vehicle donation program (TBD)

Determine the value of donated vehicles:

Web    PDF

5) Volunteer your timeVanilla - Donovan's table 2

Our clients are dedicated and delightful.  The recycling and operational work is interesting.  We can use part-time or episodic help.  Call the main office to discuss how you can join the team.

6) Organize a fundraiser with Green Vision

Green Vision will share the profits of your collection drive.  Contact the office to discuss at 973.998.7955.  To add an educational tie-in, check out the resources we provide.



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*check with your tax advisor about deductions

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