Educational Resources for Collection Drive

Resource links below are just samples of what is available (as of January 2017) to use for enrichment of a collection drive.

About e-waste recycling

About Autistic Spectrum Disorders

About our business model and applicable economics

  • The Green Vision program is funded (1) through New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) vocational services and/or Real Life Choices program (2) sale of dismantled scrap, (3) licensing fees from satellite training locations and (4) donations.
  • DDD’s services programs require GVI to function both as a day program and as a vocational program.  Happily, operations in the reverse supply chain encompass all the activities required to retrieve a used product from a customer and either dispose of it or reuse it.   Taking client-workers to different job sites serves both to provide day-program requirements for travel and to practice social interaction with customers.
  • Periodically we have talent shows and karaoke parties during the day.  Musical playlists are compiled by staff and clients to play during work hours.  We are expanding our program to include games, exercise and other forms of expression and social interaction.
  • Employment of Workers with Disabilities at Subminimum Wages.  Note that GVI is fully vetted, audited for compliance and aims to pay clients minimum wage as appropriate.
    • Clients are paid for dismantling by the piece.  In this way, each client is in control of their pay.  Some are motivated by money, others are not.
    • Some of our alumni are able to go onto minimum wage jobs.
  • Examples of electronic and metal scrap pricing are below. Pricing is in $US/lb except where noted. Click graph for more information

Examples of metal pricing follow.  Note that steel prices are so low, the weight unit is Mega-Ton.

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