Electronics Recycling

Green Vision is the first program of its kind, training and employing adults and students in the field of electronics recycling. We are proud to have our model being used across the country as well as the world. We are certified to the highest standards in the recycling field just as the “Big Companies” are.  All items are broken down to their base components, separated and sold to downstream vendors who will then turn all of these obsolete materials into something new!!! The difference between Green Vision and other recycling companies is we are teaching while recycling. During the process of recycling we are able to work on: Math, Reading, Writing, History, Science, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and social skills. At Green Vision Electronics recycling, it’s a lot more than taking things apart.  We are working to create an environment to help our clients succeed and hope fully gain full time employment. All of the skills learned while working at Green Vision are easily transferrable to many different types of jobs.